Sanyko Reels has acquired Hosetract Industries Ltd.

Sankyo Reels, headquartered in Chiba, Japan, has acquired Hosetract Industries to continue its expansion plans to grow its worldwide base. Sankyo Reels Inc. was founded in 1968 and has been a family-owned business ever since.
Under the brand name TRIENS, Sankyo is the dominant hose reel manufacture in Japan with offices also in China, United States, Belgium, and Thailand.
The US location TRIENS America is being joined into Hosetract. Hosetract was started in 1985 by Jim Schaller. With a strong engineering background, Jim was convinced that he could simplify the design of a hose reel and make it better; extremely long lasting and dependable.
Jim succeeded and Hosetract has proven over time to have an outstanding design and long-lasting dependable product. Hosetract will remain in the manufacturing plant in Fort Wayne Indiana and focus on growing in North and South America.

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